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Long Sleeves

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Environmentally Conscious Screen Printing

✓ Eco Friendly Ink

✓ Eco Friendly Supplies

✓ Eco Friendly Practices

Eco Friendly Inks

We use Waterbased Inks.

Waterbased Inks are PVC and Phthalate free.
PVC is a carcinogen (cancer causing) 
Phthalates are hormone disrupters. 

PVC and Phthalates are common in Plastisol inks which is a common ink type among screen printers.

Waterbased inks also provide a quality soft hand feel and are long lasting! 

Eco Friendly Supplies

We choose supplies that are eco friendly.

Natural citrus-based degreaser (cleans screens)

Drain Acceptable emulsion remover

Non-hazardous drain safe ink cleaner

Recycled printing paper

And more!


Eco Friendly Practices

We’re conscious about the practices we use and their effects on the environment

We get everything we can out of the garments!  -We reuse misprints garments as test garments  -When full, the test garments become rags for cleaning -When there are enough rags we send them to mechanics or painters to be used for their projects

We limit waste!
Some practices make screen printing easier but are more wasteful. We limit our waste. 

We recycle!
Paper, cardboard, old appliances, metal screen printing frames. 

As we grow we'll be even more environmentally friendly We will:

Learn more!

As we learn more about the industry, supplies, and methods available  we will improve our practices to become even more eco- friendly!

Increase our staff!

As our business increases our staff will increase! Sharing the workload to complete more eco-friendly projects.

Upgrade our facility!

As our business grows we’ll get more eco- friendly equipment and upgrade our facility! Solar panels, green energy, complete water filtration systems, geo thermal heating, energy storage containers (large batteries), direct to screen printers, and more!

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