Motivational Speaking

Adam's Story

Adam shares his story and knowledge to help guide others who are wanting to make themselves and the world a better place. 

He has been fighting his greatest enemy and thats the negativity within himself. We all share this enemy of fear, doubt, and worry that holds us down from living up to our fullest potential. 

Adam is Haida and Ukrainian. He grew up in Kamloops BC and has played sports ever since he was little. He found success in sport but he still had his internal enemy to overcome.


The turning point in his struggle came when he found that the best way to get over his own struggles is to help others overcome theirs. Which spurred him to go on a path of giving back and community building. 

Having made it through the hardest part of the struggle Adam shares the lessons he’s learned with others in hopes that it will help them as well.

In the pursuit of a healthy life he’s been sober since Oct. 2011.

Adam is a husband and father of three daughters living in Smithers BC.


Worked With

University students

High school students

Elementary school students

One on one 

Youth groups

Sports teams

And more!

Given Workshops On

Vision/ dreams/ goals

Being a problem solver

Power of mindset

Power of thought


Working together

 Believing in oneself 

Helping others to uncover their stories and strengths


And more!

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