Highway of Hope

My name is Adam Prytula and I’ll be running over 700 KM this summer from Prince George to Prince Rupert BC along Highway 16 in May 2019.

The run will be called the “Highway of Hope”

I run for my children, the youth of our nations, and the future generations. I run for a better future for them. This run will raise awareness for the hope that is already within our communities and each of us.

Highway 16 right now is called the Highway of Tears. The reason it’s called that is because of the pain in the history of the highway.. 19 Indigenous Women have gone missing along the highway and if you hear the stories of the residential school system and the intergenerational trauma those schools have left behind you’ll see why there is pain in our communities.


There is also a lot of hope. There are many good people who are giving everything they have to their families to make a world a better place for them, they’re giving everything they have to their communities to make their communities better, and they’re giving everything they have to be good people. There is a lot of hope in that. There is a lot of hope in their hard work.

My goal is to raise awareness for the hope that is there. Often the good in life is quite compared to the hardships of life. We as humans often look for the negative as it’s a survival instinct to keep ourselves safe. That survival instinct can backfire as if all we look for is the negative in life it will weigh as down and keep us stuck.

We must look towards the good and a better future. As the the good in life is often not as loud as the negative, this run will raise awareness for the good and hopeful to make it louder.

Along the run I’ll also be doing motivational visits with communities.

Support the Run

If you’d like to support the run we have a way to donate below and Highway of Hope t-shirts.

I would love to have this for a fundraiser for a different organization in the future, I won’t be able to this time though, as all proceeds and donations go to support the run itself.

The run is over 700km, will take about 18 days, and I will be doing workshops for youth and communities along the way.

Haw’aa for your support! 

Sponsor Of the Highway of Hope Run

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Haida Gwaii Accounting

A big haw’aa/ thank you to our sponsors, donors, and all of the supporters of the run!
It wouldn’t be possible without your support.